Gi – The Electric Folding Bike

Gi Electric Bike

With it’s semi beat-boxed backing music and lack of voice-over, you might be a little confused as to what is exactly going on. But as you watch, you will realise that this is probably the most interesting electric bike to be this close to production seen in a long time. With the paint-job of the […]

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A Keyboard Made from Lego

Lego Keyboard by JKBricks

Now I am not sure on the ergonomics of typing for 4+ hours on a keyboard made from Lego, but we are not about practicality here, we are here to find cool stuff on the Internet. If you want to make your own, it is not quite as easy as you think as you have […]

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Make a Daft Punk Style Helmet With RaspberryPi

Daft Punk Helmet Made with RaspberryPi

Yes, the headline is true! So now you can have your very own Daft Punk replica helmet thanks to the RaspberryPi. I assume all you amazing readers are going to buy the new album (I can’t wait for the vinyl personally), so this accessory will definitely wow all of your friends. For all the information […]

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Cool Timelapse Photo Film of Melbourne

Tilt Shift Timelapse Photography Film of Melbourne

For those of you that do not know Australia well, Melbourne is the arty capital of the country. And when videos of this caliber show up online, you cannot rely deny that fact, even if you come from Sydney (the age-old rivalry). Nathan Kaso took over 10months and who knows how many stills to turn […]

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The Ultimate Video Game Basement

Retro Video Game Arcade Basement

There is not much detail on this, but you should just sit down and take it all in because it would be extremely cool to have this family’s basement. I would have tried to do some further research, but all the information exists on Reddit and the thread there is full of the usual reddit […]

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Cool Carboard Toys

Cardboard Toys that you make yourself

I cannot remember the source for where and how I found this on the Internet unfortunately, but I thought this would be a nice quick one to share for those of us that have kids and looking for a fun little toy. Kinetic Creatures (don’t confuse it with Microsoft’s Kinect), are these cool little cardboard […]

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Homemade Minecraft Book Covers

Minecraft Book Cover

Minecraft has taken the world by storm and probably one of the reasons I am starting to take game development seriously. What is more impressive though, is the cult following that has been built up around it. So much so, in fact, that the world of arts and crafts has crossed over with video games. […]

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Lego Polaroid Camera Toy

Lego Polaroid Camera

Thanks to the heads up from AdaFruit, Chris McVeigh has gone and created the project that you see featured here. If you check out his website, he looks like the type of the guy that just can’t kick his lego habit and that is completely ok with us. He has built some truly amazing models […]

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Toyota’s 4AGE Engine in Lego & it Works

Lego Toyota Car Engine

The Internet is full of people making cool stuff out of Lego. I wish I had the time to still play myself. But what Solde has done with Lego is take one of Toyota’s most iconic engines and replicated it with Lego. Not only that, it comes to life in a fairly realistic way considering […]

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