What happens when you take one of the most iconic road cars ever built and mix it with a team that is world famous for creating something that is not only a means of transportation but a piece of art?

The car you see at the top of the screen.

And that car is best described as The Mini Superleggera – as if the Mini itself really needed to be any lighter. Not only is it one of the most beautiful custom designed motors ever to have graced the road, but its electric motor shows that it is pushing boundaries of technology.

Unfortunately it won’t ever go into production, unfortunately even if it did – us mere mortals will never be able to afford one. So just look at the photos, watch the video, and just imagine if all cars were designed like this.


With it’s semi beat-boxed backing music and lack of voice-over, you might be a little confused as to what is exactly going on. But as you watch, you will realise that this is probably the most interesting electric bike to be this close to production seen in a long time.

With the paint-job of the original iPod, this bike will definitely turn heads, and then snap them when they notice that is powered by our old friend electricity.

Then they will be completely thrown by the fact that once you arrive to the office, you can fold it and put it somewhere nice and neatly in the corner.

The catch? If you had to pick one, it would be the price. Not exactly cheap but you need to look beyond the monetary figure. You are buying something unique, practical, stylish and give you +10 hipster credits in your town.

It’s really either this bike, or a MacPro – the decision can be yours.

Source: Gi Kickstarter

Now I am not sure on the ergonomics of typing for 4+ hours on a keyboard made from Lego, but we are not about practicality here, we are here to find cool stuff on the Internet.

If you want to make your own, it is not quite as easy as you think as you have to hack up a cheap everyday keyboard and then have enough Lego to build out the keys and the frame.

Jason Allemann at JKBrickWorks has put up a video full of the detail behind his Lego Keyboard Build and after just seeing the Lego Movie the other night (great film!), I am just in a Lego frame of mind at the moment.

Let us know if you have a cool Lego project of your own that you would want us to feature in the comments!

Yes, the headline is true! So now you can have your very own Daft Punk replica helmet thanks to the RaspberryPi. I assume all you amazing readers are going to buy the new album (I can’t wait for the vinyl personally), so this accessory will definitely wow all of your friends.

For all the information on how to make the RaspberryPi helmet, read the linked post and prepare to be amazed.

Check the video below for a sneak peak:

Once I finally get to have more than 60minutes spare on any given day of the week, this would be a very cool project (amoung all the other things I want to do with my Pi).

For those of you that do not know Australia well, Melbourne is the arty capital of the country. And when videos of this caliber show up online, you cannot rely deny that fact, even if you come from Sydney (the age-old rivalry).

Nathan Kaso took over 10months and who knows how many stills to turn photography into film into art.

And it is only for so long you can put up with the same Instagram style shot of Flider’s Square that this comes along as a breath of fresh air.

Be proud of Nathan’s work Melbourne, and thanks to Fast Co for the heads up!

There is not much detail on this, but you should just sit down and take it all in because it would be extremely cool to have this family’s basement.

I would have tried to do some further research, but all the information exists on Reddit and the thread there is full of the usual reddit goodness.

Forget about the power, the time, the money, just become jealous that someone out there can come home from work and fire up some of the coolest video games of all time and play them the way they were meant to be played, rather than through an emulator using WASD.

So the question remains – how do I get my hands on a Sega Rally 2 machine. I want one so badly!

EDIT:: So I actually read the reddit thread (and I posted this ages after I found it, and it turns out that it has been covered everywhere. Full Story

I cannot remember the source for where and how I found this on the Internet unfortunately, but I thought this would be a nice quick one to share for those of us that have kids and looking for a fun little toy.

Kinetic Creatures (don’t confuse it with Microsoft’s Kinect), are these cool little cardboard toys that you put together by hand, turn the motor and then they move.

Simple, easy and great fun by the looks of things – and if you want to get tricky, on the website they show an example of their toy working with a Lego motor setup.

And the video below is the thing that grabbed me in the first place – they have made a lifesize, bike powered version of their rhino toy.

Now imagine if you could put a motor in that and have it run down the road! Or shopping mall!

Minecraft has taken the world by storm and probably one of the reasons I am starting to take game development seriously. What is more impressive though, is the cult following that has been built up around it. So much so, in fact, that the world of arts and crafts has crossed over with video games.

Front & Back Minecraft Covers

Front & Back Minecraft Covers

Angela B has gone and made possibly the world’s first Minecraft Book Covers.

My knowledge of sewing and fabrics is very small, so the best thing you can do is head over to her blog post on it and get all the information you can on how you can replicate what she has done.

Thanks to the heads up from AdaFruit, Chris McVeigh has gone and created the project that you see featured here.

If you check out his website, he looks like the type of the guy that just can’t kick his lego habit and that is completely ok with us. He has built some truly amazing models out of the worlds most loved bricks.

The best thing is that if you want to have a go at building this cool lego Polaroid camera by yourself, head over to his PowerPig Store and pre-order the kit now!

The Internet is full of people making cool stuff out of Lego. I wish I had the time to still play myself.

But what Solde has done with Lego is take one of Toyota’s most iconic engines and replicated it with Lego. Not only that, it comes to life in a fairly realistic way considering it is made out of the classic plastic boxes. Check out the video:

Those of you that are car enthuasists would know that this is the engine inside the original AE86 Corolla which is the grandfather of the ideas that exist now in the FT86/BRZ that you can buy.

What we would love to see next is take this lego engine and pair it with a Raspberry Pi or Adruino and actually get a lego car powering around.

If anyone has that video or link, please share it with us!