October 2, 2010

Awesome BMW R60/2 Restoration

Restored BMW R60/2

Profile shot of the black BMW R60/2

Thanks to Today&Tomorrow for the find from Blitz Motorcycles, this a crazy awesome BMW R60/2 motorbike restoration.

Keeping the bike in the traditional black paint (they seemed to have left off the pin-stripes, good move in our opinion) they nod to the heritage of the bike. Interestingly on that point as well, these bikes were primarily designed to have a side car attached.

But since Blitz did not choose to do so, what we have here is an extremely cool custom cafe racer. Even with the off road tyres, it gives you the military feel without compromising on the street cred.

There isn’t much detail on the actual build itself, so just take in the photos and dream about restoring one of these bad boys back to glory.

Cool Custom BMW Bike

Another engine profile shot

BMW R60/2 Motorbike

BMW R60/2 Motorbike

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